Merlo Waterfowl specializes in planning, establishing and maintaining high quality wildlife, habitat and land management plans based on personal goals and objectives of a landowner. Specifically Merlo Waterfowl works with land owners who want to incorporate a comprehensive, sustainable and long term program dedicated to improving habitat conditions and and wildlife populations. Situated in the famed Butte Sink, Merlo Waterfowl has developed and managed some of the finest recreational properties available. As a landowner and a sportsmen it can be difficult to balance the resources since every piece of ground is unique. Superior wildlife development and management takes patiences and expertise. Understanding what the landowner's specific needs are, developing a detailed plan including site location, plant selection, and maintenance program to achieve the desired outcome.


WILDLIFE ENHANCEMENT: Whether its wanting a premier staging area for wintering waterfowl or increase the size of the bucks in the wooded draws, our goal is to provide landowners the knowledge and tools to create and sustain high quality habitats. From scouting and setting up feeders to planting and establishing habitat, we offer many services in achieving conservation and food plot development. We specialize in wetlands and natural resource evaluation, planning, restoration and construction. Our combination of technical and practical expertise spans over 30 years.

DEVELOPMENT AND CONSULTING: Successful land-use planning that involves sensitive areas such as wetland, riparian, and wildlife habitat, requires professionals who understand environmental issues and regulations. Merlo Waterfowl has the ability and expertise to ensure these projects are successful and work directly with the landowner and the necessary agencies to turn their property into a high quality wildlife habitat. In most cases we do the work ourselves. You may elect to do some of it your self or you may decide to hire someone else. You will always have control. After we have visited your property, we can provide you with a detailed plan. This plan will act as your guide for the coming year so that you can reach your habitat goals.


  • Custom Seeding 
  • Fertilizing 
  • Mowing 
  • Tree and Shrub development and maintenance


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